The Leading Software for Space Systems

Radiation Effects Analysis and 3D Modeling

The World’s Leading Space Agencies and Private Companies License NOVICE and Consult with EMPC for Critical Radiation Assurance Calculations and Design for Space Systems

Mission Validated:

Juno, New Horizons, Hubble Space Telescope, Global Positioning System (GPS) Constellation, Voyager, Galileo, Solar Dynamics Observatory, Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS), Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) Constellation, and Hundreds More Science, Defense and Commercial Satellites


Mission Critical:

GEANT4 and MCNP Users Turn to NOVICE for the Most Complex Analyses

  • NOVICE accurately solves in minutes problems that other software cannot solve, or take weeks or months to solve
  • No analysis requirement has ever exceeded NOVICE’s capabilities which include fast processing of +200,000 objects and +256 CAD files with no loss in speed or accuracy, and continue to increase


Uniquely Capable:

The Only ADJOINT Monte Carlo Capabilities for Both Neutral and Charged Particles, Including Flux-at-a-Point Calculations in the Continuous Energy Context, Among Other Analytical Methods

EMPC Innovates for Today and Tomorrow


EMPC’s Thomas M. Jordan and Larisa Milic continually develop NOVICE for next generation programs, recently including:

  • Graphical User Interface
    • Advanced OpenGL 3D viewer with immediate spin response uniquely isolates any object within a complex system by virtually any descriptor (material, size, weight, location, etc.) with one click, then zooms and manipulates the object for viewing and analysis
    • Enables seamless, single run NOVICE analysis of multiple thresholds of multiple variables (material, thickness, radiation, system configuration, etc.)
    • Automatically converts CAD files into geometry and all other analysis information
  • Streamlined Complex CubeSat Calculations
  • Probabilistic Analysis Using Deterministic Environment, Transport, and Mass Distribution Data