Significant Software Work 2016-2017


  • CAD GEOMETRY: Materials by object, by instance, sorted 23 ways
  • CAD Viewer: openGL zooms, pans, cuts, blends, hardcopy, size data
  • 6_Side Box: mass pdfs, minimum mass tiles, macro box setup, leaks
  • Hot Spots: minimum path ray plots, graphical zig-zag ray captures
  • Matrix Algebra Tools: R=SMD=S[N+NBN]D     M¯¹=N¯¹-C B¯¹=C¯¹-N
    R=response, S=source, D=detector, N=exp(-ks), C=dk/dE,M&B=multi N&C
  • KEEPER APPLICATIONS: saved energy matrix for each/every detector
    Mass Distribution Saves, Ray-Trace Saves, Flux Matrix Saves
  • Meshed Grid Detectors using *detector area/volume multi-interval
  • Virtual Detector Viewing using %argument point/volume parameter set
  • Adjoint Secondary Electrons using bremsstrahlung photon to electron
  • Multi Thread Runs: different point/volume detectors on each thread
  • FAST RAY-TRACE: Sorted Populations: CAD objects, CAD polygon sets
  • M(i,j) multi-scatter Q=x,u,e,t phase space moments, all particles distance, position, angular moments, initial/final energy matrix, …
  • cases: vectored values for all option letters/processors
    option_letter=( list enclosed by parentheses ) notation
    run case parameter selection TBD
  • extended log/log, log/linear cubic spline interpolation
  • local and global keyword parameters added to/between processors


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