About EMPC

Experimental & Mathematical Physics Consultants is, and has been for decades, a key partner in the development and application of requirements-driven solutions for radiation effects on space systems.  EMPC created, develops, and licenses its proprietary NOVICE Software Suite.


EMPC also provides consulting services to NOVICE licensees and non-licensees alike facing challenging radiation effects issues in the space, aerospace, defense, and medical industries.


EMPC’s founder and president Thomas M. Jordan and its aerospace engineer and code developer Larisa Milic provide these consulting services via telephone, email, and in person on-site at your facility.


As consultant to the leading private space and defense companies and governmental space agencies, EMPC has performed a critical role in the success of many key satellite and probe programs.


EMPC pursues an innovative and evolving approach to radiation transport methods, offering clients industry-leading expertise and solutions in the analysis of space systems.