INNOVATION – CAD File Materials Parameter Changes Within GUI 

May 2017


EMPC announces its most recent innovation: the NOVICE Software Suite now offers the ability to instantly change within the NOVICE GUI the material descriptor for any space system or component imported from a CAD file.


Any object or group of objects within the CAD file can be searched and selected by any of twenty-three parameters, such as object number, name, volume, area, coordinates, etc.
The object(s) can then be previewed and the specifications switched to any of a full library of materials, all within the NOVICE GUI.


This process enables faster, more flexible 3D design and analysis.
NOVICE processes +256 large CAD files, and +250,000 objects, simultaneously with no loss in speed or accuracy.


The new materials-parameter changing capability is a proprietary innovation, available only from EMPC and only with the NOVICE Software Suite.


Full text of this published paper is linked above.
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