When using a command line window, if anything is done in C:\ directly, open the window with Administrator privileges else can’t even do a dir command with output redirected to a text file. On Windows 10: press windows key type ‘command prompt’ right-click, and select ‘run as Administrator’

Had to fix the NOVICE license checking: previously it used a directory command on the C drive; does not work on systems where IT has prohibited this. Changed to a directory command in the folder where NOVICE is started; as a bonus NOVICE can now be installed on a peripheral drive or USB drive. The media can be moved between several machines, kind of like a USB key; outputs from the calculations stay on the media. Tested on a 2 TeraByte external drive (a lot bigger than the PC drive.) A few seconds longer on runs; only noticeable on short runs.

Also, windows 10 is not putting files away fast enough. In fact, for some runs it is better to delete old files (*.new, *.pcx, *.png, …) before starting. If not, working with the files just created will often pick up the old versions; very disconcerting on debug runs.

This is particularly evident with the User Interface, which opens to look for any *nogo messages and to review Labeled Tables. The file may only show the startup flash pages while the saved has everything; working the problem.

Had found a linker command that added the unused part of the 1GB code area to the 1GB data area, e.g., using Absoft 64bit: call f95 -s -m64 -O0 -p @af64link.txt /LARGEADDRESSAWARE:NO

However, the /LARGE… caused array allocation errors? Removal on a test run worked with: 1GB blank_common and 2Gword Integer*4 plus 2Gword Real*8 plus 2Gword character*4 simultaneous allocates, all verified by [x(i)=i;i=1,2,…,2Gword] constructs.