Secondary Electrons

Secondary Electrons 2016

A few notes: specifically control variable 223 which says xray plane wave; in my NOVICE.fig file, it was set to 1 which says a plane wave xray problem, but it wasn’t so 223 should be set to 0.

Net effect when running a geo environment problem with the secondary electrons turned on; the high energy secondaries were missing; changing the control: *arrays,a/,control 223 0 / not a plane wave corrected the problem.

Part of the debug was to run *PULSE,m/ to get the approximate algorithm for secondary electrons surrounding a sensitive volume (y option prints the brem flux, secondary source, and secondary flux, all vs. energy, for all materials in the problem). Anyway these data were roughly a factor of two lower on secondary electron fluxes; a tweak to the CSDA transport model now gives very good agreement between the *adjoint,B=8 secondary model and the *pulse model. See inputs below:

*arrays,a/,control 223 0/ no xray wavefront

*files/ change flux file name 22 fluxes.txt / using flux tape from previous run


*adjoint,h=256,b=8/ run proton, brem, primary and secondary betas ,1/ detector 1 protons ,1/ detector 1 brem and electrons

*dump,bltj/ look at secondary production matrices

*pulse,m,p=photon,y/ print secondary electron data 100 100 100 1 0/ 1=al, 0=rpp 0 1 0 1.57 um10 um10 um1/ numerical average chord lengths 1-6 li16*100/ 8 decades, 2 per decade pulse height bins